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August 21st, 2013, 09:49 PM
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I've been trying to get Porter to do his cluster feeding before I put him to bed instead of in the middle of the night or all night like he was doing and that seems to have helped. I basically camp out on the couch with him all night while I watch tv and I let him nurse as much as he wants and he'll take a few cat naps here and there. Then when I'm ready to go to bed (because this maximizes how much sleep I can get, putting him down before I go to bed means I get less sleep!), I swaddle him and nurse him until he's asleep and he's been sleeping 5-6 hours. Which is great compared to 2 or 3! I'm hoping he keeps doing it. I can totally manage on 6 hours of sleep. Haha.

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Like Sammy, my first born did not sleep through the night....ummm..he still doesn't and he's 3! LOL Only once or twice a week will he STTN, but he usually wakes up sometime during the night and comes to our bed.

When he was a newborn/baby he also woke every 2-3 hours constantly. It was a long time before he slept for longer stretches....every baby is different. We implemented a routine WAY late, but once we did it really helped him! Also, putting him down at the same time every night also helped.

You could try dream feed???....I think is what it's called? Something from some book (ha ha I'm full of info) but it's basically nursing her while she's still asleep, like before you go to sleep, and see if she will get a longer stretch after that.
I tried dream feeding once... He was so passed out that I couldn't get him to wake up enough to open his mouth. Haha. Then of course he woke up as soon as I put him back down and was awake forever. So I haven't tried that again! Lol.
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