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August 21st, 2013, 10:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Diamond2009 View Post
I have told him but will have to again I think men just don't understand the womans cycle and think since they are not using a condom then it should happen lol
Omg YESSSS I think over the last week I may have shocked my DH at all the details that go into first I didn't wanna involve him but he asked a few questions so I let him in on a lil...he only realizes the tip of the iceberg of the stuff I gotta do to try to make this happen but he's getting it now...I was afraid he would just do the "natural" thing but since we had a loss too...I basically told him I need to do all this ( on so forth) to give us the best chance at a healthy pregnancy aka not another loss to cry over...when I presented it that way he thought it was a good idea and has gotten a bit more involved. I'm so glad I talked to him...and yes I gotta repeat stuff over and over at times lol

I hope ur talk goes well...he seems like his intentions are good...seems like he realized after the losses that more was needed and he wants u to do it...maybe itshis way of trying to make sure u don't hurt again...maybe u hurting was the root of this pressure he's putting..
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