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August 21st, 2013, 11:15 PM
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I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Bridget. I am a mother of 2 beautiful little girls and a wife to a wonderful husband for 8 years.

A little bit of history....before I met DH I had lost 4 angels. We got pregnant with DD 1 no problem. Pregnancy was great no issues and labor and delivery with no issues. I had the Mirena implanted after DD 1. About a year later had to have it removed because my body was rejecting it and was put on Yaz. I found out before I missed my cycle that I was pregnant again while taking Yaz. Pregnancy with DD 2 was great in the beginning I felt it to be normal and then at 23 weeks started having contractions. I was put on medications and bed rest. I started to dialate and thin out at 25 weeks. I was on very strict bedrest with DD 2 until 34 weeks and they took me off of my meds and bedrest and said that she could come whenever she was ready. I ended up having to be induced 3 days before my EDD. The day after she was born I had a tubal ligation. I was done with having babies. I just went through a horrible pregnancy and horrible labor and didnt want to do it again. About 6 months later I regretted having the TL. I found out shortly after that that my tubes we not cauterized when the TL was done.

So fast forward 4 1/2 years to Aug 5th, I was almost 2 weeks late and decided to take a test since everytime I was late and took a test I would start my period right afterwards. This time it was different. This time it was positive. I went to the doc the next day and she did a blood test and it showed about 4 weeks pregnant. We were in shock. Then started to get used to the idea. But on Aug 10th I woke up and was having some spotting and cramping so I went to the ER immediately just in case I had a tubal pregnancy. They didnt have any answers for me. So I went home and the bleeding and cramping stopped. Everything seemed to be fine until I went to work on the 11th. I went to the restroom at the beginning of my shift and noticed more spotting. I gave my boss a heads up on what was going on. 45 min later I had to go back to the bathroom and I was bleeding bad. I left work got DH and we went to the ER. My levels were a 5 so we knew that it was over and we wouldnt have another baby.

I had my follow up with my OB on the 16th. He said that all the evidence he has shows that the baby made it to the uterus. I didnt have to have a D&C this time. I go back for a follow up in 5 weeks and he said that we will discuss what we want to do at that time with my tubes.

I have been trying to talk to DH about trying again and he just says that he doesnt want to put me through that again meaning the miscarriage. We were intimate last night and he kept saying that he didnt want to finish inside of me because he didnt want me to get pregnant again and lose another one. I really want to try again and see if we get the Sticky Bean this time.

2 beautiful angels with me and 6 angels up in heaven.

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