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August 22nd, 2013, 07:27 AM
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I have a daughter from previous we kinda want a boy so we have one of each BUT think we are both a bit scared bc DH got in lots of trouble in his teen and early twenty years A LOT OF TROUBLE!!!! So think we both fear our boy will end up the same way no matter how good of parents we are....I mean DH was from an upper middle class family...very nice home...wonderfully loving mother....ok father and son relationship from what I gather ( his parents did divorce during all the trouble he was in..think he fears he caused their 20 some odd year marriage to fail) overall he had a really good life....much better than mine (I had a wonderful mommy too though...just didn't live in quite so much luxury as my mom was a single mom) Soooooo sometimes when we think boy we think ohhhhhh but we will see...and which ever we get will be fine...he said he used to always kinda want a daughter but now he has one bc he adore my daughter from previous relationship... I guess whatever we get is what we get but I do kinda want a boy in spite of fear lol
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