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August 22nd, 2013, 08:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Diamond2009 View Post
It is def difficult. The other 3 kids I never did all this and never had trouble getting pregnant. Its weird.
I had a few losses before DD but never really ttc so I just thought my body knew it wasn't the right time...I didn't technically ttc DD but when I look back I'm allergic to almost every form of birth control so used none with former guy....used condoms but at the rate that they broke and malfunctioned I should have bern pregnant much sooner lol...guess one was just times right....after thid cycle if its normal I will officially start ttc with my new husband..I'm a bit scared to know how it will go...I mean I've already has one loss with new husband and had 3 previous in my life...that's a total of 4 by age 30 I don't know if that's a high number but it seems like I'm kinda mom had 3 losses in her childbearing years and 2 pregnancies that made it...she says she recalls my grandmother had one for sure but back then pregnancy didn't get confirmed till much later and she says my grandmother swore there was at least one more that was a loss before it could be it worries me that this seems to be a pattern....maybe they both had as many loses as me but didn't really know bc we can confirm so early nowdays
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