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August 22nd, 2013, 09:01 AM
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LOL FW, if I didn't want educated kids I know I would be amazing hahahaha

Repti, i bet the kids are enjoying their time with you. As for walking, it is good for you. Because we have to keep the dogs apart and Layla in the house I have been walking the dogs, each dog get's about a mile (up and down our road) and I've been doing this up to 5 times a day. Not seeing any benefits but hey I'm walking.

The hubby came home with 4 gallons of milk, a gallon of whipping cream, 7 things of sour cream and a large container of cottage cheese. I am in heaven! He thought I'd get mad about all of the sour cream, but he doesn't realize just how much this family uses it. I make all of our dips and dressings, lot's of sour cream. I'll be nice and give some to the older kids.
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