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August 22nd, 2013, 09:22 AM
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The traffic is INSANE here. I absolutely hate it. Off peak traffic here is worse than rush hour traffic in Arizona.

I've gotten a few. They're all complete baloney, so I think the cops were just trying fill a quota or something. My first ticket, I got pulled over for turning into the outside lane when turning left at a stoplight. And then one time I got ticketed on the way home from a dealership after having bought used car with illegal tint. I tried to explain that I just bought the car, literally 10 minutes ago, and that I'd get the dark tint removed, but I got the ticket anyways.

Then I've gotten two speeding tickets. Once I was going 6 mph over the limit and once I was going 8 mph over. Dumb. Now I never go more than 5 over, just in case there's a grumpy cop around looking for any reason to write up a ticket.

I've had really bad luck with traffic tickets.

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