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August 22nd, 2013, 10:17 AM
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So I can off of micronor 3 weeks ago....

Had an af two weeks after being off it... So this is my first cycle... I'm on cd14.

I've been doing opk's... And nothing.
Yesterday I decided what the heck... Lets do one.

Did it... Let dry... I'm gearing up to O!

It's good to see that my body is figuring out what to do... Been on bc for 11 years so I figured this might be rough.

We're not actively trying, nor are we planning... But we still some precautions.. Not always.

This weekend... We're going camping, it's a dog event weekend... Every camping trip I've had AF this year so far! So I was hoping ya know... We can be one with nature this weekend...
Well SO is hesitant about babies a bit still, so I guess we're preventing but not really.
So he has to bring condoms.... There goes one with nature
Thanks ovaries!!!!

Anyway I'm happy my body is figuring this out so when we do let nature do its thing during winter.. That at least my parts work.
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