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August 22nd, 2013, 10:53 AM
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Lets have some baby updates

Connor turned 6 months on the 15th August, he sits up now, he doesn't crawl but no need for it as he gets to where ever he needs by rolling and scooting, he does try to get on his knees. He had his allergy appt recently, he is allergic to Eggs, Soya, Wheat and Dairy he has been prescribed a milk called similac alimentum for two week trial he is only on day three at the minute, his eczema has spread to his elbows and, arms and belly now, he has solids three times a day, although feeding now has been that more difficult with the allergies, checking everything i want to feed him does get a bit tiring! He sleeps through the night which he has been doing since 3 months, (heaven!!) he goes to bed between 6-7pm and wakes at 6am because daddys work alarm wakes him up! lol. He likes to go in his walker and just play on the floor with his toys. He was last weighed 6th August he was 10.4kg (22lbs 9oz) he is 98th % for weight and 50 % for height, he is a cuddly baby and has a cheeky laugh, he is going to have curly hair like Lacey did! the kids love him like crazy, he just had his first holiday to haven! he did so well, he went swimming for the first time which he LOVED floating around in his little ring thing, stayed up till gone 10pm most nights and did well. Here is a couple of pics.

..together for 12 years..

R (10) 24.04.06 - our little angel
R (9) 07.06.07
L (8) 05.06.08
L (6) 26.04.10
C (3) 15.02.13

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