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August 22nd, 2013, 11:16 AM
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I love twins. My aunt has a set of ID boys and I was a nanny for a set of fraternal girls. I think they are fun to watch interact and super-cool to be around. But I could go home During the day wasn't that bad, they basically had a set schedule and I just followed it (the nanny set, my aunts were nightmares because she was so overwhelmed with them). But I didn't have to create the schedule, nor did I have to deal with night times or when they veered so far off the schedule that they would melt down (I remember maybe once or twice they were off for the day, but again, I could go home!)

I wouldn't have minded twins for the first couple kids. Or even for #2 & 3 (and Kieran was a twin, but when we found out, we sorta knew his twin wasn't doing as well and it was likely he wouldn't make it). But I think where we are now, it would just be overwhelming and I wouldn't enjoy the newborn/infant stage much. I would prolly be able to cope just fine. But I want to also enjoy aspects of it and I wonder if I would. Or if I would be too crazed.

But what will be, will be! I certainly wouldn't send back a set
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