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August 22nd, 2013, 11:16 AM
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A birth center would be more in line with my natural preferences, but i never dreamed i could afford one, as my insurance certainly doesn't cover it. However, my last hospital birth was entirely unmedicated, uncomplicated, and i still paid my out-of-pocket max of $2000. My new insurance has an even higher out-of-pocket max, so it could be as much as $5000 this time!! Thats pretty much in the same price range as the uninsured birthing center, lol! So im revisiting that possibility.

A quick comment on the subject of home births: my grandmother (and most mothers in her time) birthed each of her 6 at home because hospital births were considered the more dangerous option back then.
And, to some degree, i still believe that today due to the overuse of interventions.
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