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August 22nd, 2013, 01:16 PM
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i considered one everytime i was pregnant but ultimately decided against it, I couldnt justify the cost, my Dh also thinks its pointless to have one so it may have just added stress/tension to the situation and i didnt want that.

The doulas i looked into were all around 500 i think, and they all seemed to provide basically the same services, 2-3 visits prenatally to talk about birth/get to know each other ect. Obviously they would be on call for labour/delivery and then help you get settled after birth, some mentioned they could assist with BFing too. And they all did 1-2 visits in the first week postpartum. One mentioned that she would write up a birth story for you if you wanted, and i really liked that idea.

I think it having them be universal as far as cost/care ect would be wonderful. So i really hope thats something that happens in the future
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