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August 22nd, 2013, 04:05 PM
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So here is my chart:
ScreenShot2013-08-22at45317PM_zpsc89b920a.png Photo by olsonmkrista | Photobucket
I was at 97.5 all through my period 8/13-8/17. Big drop today
This morning I took an OPK...that is the one on the top in the pic...the one below I took this afternoon....does this mean I already O'd if the one from this morning is darker than the one in the afternoon?
0822131654_zps161b9021.jpg Photo by olsonmkrista | Photobucket
Yesterday my OPK's were almost invisible, very faint pink line in the morning and afternoon....So confused! I'd appreciate any opinions!
Oh And yesterday cervix was high, soft with EWCM, today it's still high, but more firm with lotion like cm......

One more thing...I've NEVER had a test line get as dark as the control line...ever....even with my past two pregnancies :/

Here is my pic from my test strips yesterday and today
0823130749_zps9ce2a137.jpg Photo by olsonmkrista | Photobucket
.....the top is yesterday morning and throughout the day, the bottom one is from this morning... Temp went from 96.68 yesterday to 97.69 today... Did I or didn't I O? In june I got a smiley face on CD9 with a digital.

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