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August 22nd, 2013, 05:42 PM
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My dog just thinks she's the most lickable thing she's ever seen. She thinks that about everyone, but still.

Our cats are two different kinds of "I don't care." The bigger one knows she is there but isn't really afraid anymore. He likes to sleep with us so if she is in his usual spot, he will curl up right next to her. He doesn't really acknowledge her other than not stepping on her.

My baby kitty is my super lovey guy, and he is attached to my hip. For about the first week he didn't come near me because she was always with me. He finally got over it and started coming for cuddles and love. The problem is he treats her like part of the furniture - he'll step on her, lay on her, try to knead her if she's on the boppy. One night I was nursing her and he decided he had to lay on my chest right then, so I was holding my boob with one hand and holding him off of her with the other He did lick her head a few nights ago, which is a good sign. It was cute. If she moves, though, he is out of there.

Really the only thing you can do is give them time. There's no forcing it. They'll either warm up to the babies or they won't. I don't think my cats ever will because they've been around too many kids who chased them. Maybe when it cools down you can take babies and dog out together for the evening.

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