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August 22nd, 2013, 06:18 PM
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Had the ultrasound!

We are FINE!!

I got to see my little baby, DH was with me. Baby wiggled and kicked a foot while we were watching.

Baby did measure 9weeks 1 day which is IMPOSSIBLE. I O'd at earliest on July 8. And we didn't DTD for five days before that. My DH is kind of a huge guys (he's six foot five and while I'm only five foot nine my brothers are also six three and six seven. So neither of exactly have tiny genes behind us). The tech did say that with how large we are, it's possible that that the baby is just large as well.

I don't really care about measurements right now. The relief is just so huge. I have a follow up,with my doctor tomorrow at 12:45 so I will have more info then.

Thanks so much for the support today, ladies. I needed it!

I'll try to post pics tomorrow.
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