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August 22nd, 2013, 09:51 PM
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I took a pregnancy test today-- and it came out negative. It may have been

1- too early (I am on birth control pills, and I expect it on Tuesday after I stop taking my pills on Saturday. the latest I have been is Wednesday, and it is already Thursday so I took one today - just 2 days after my missed period.)
2- late in the day/ possibly diluted
It was a test that claimed to be able to detect pregnancy 5 days prior though.

Anyways, I am really scared. I have been naueseous lately/digestive issues and it is not like me to not get my period past Tues/ Weds. I've never been pregnant before though - so I really have no idea what it would feel like. Also digestive issues always come before my period.

It would be highly unlikely for me to be pregnant- but I know it's still possible. I took my birth control religiously all month (no errors whatsoever) but I've also had trouble with ovarian cysts in the past few months so I know that I ovulate. I found out about this at the beginning of the month and started using condoms for the most part, and if not condoms we used withdrawal.

I'm still incredibly nervous. I plan to take another test on Saturday morning and then next week (a week after my missed period).

I'm hoping that my missed period is due to another ovarian cyst because I know they can make your period late/missed.
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