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August 23rd, 2013, 12:33 AM
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I definitely feel ya on the DTD!! I feel like a whale and it's worse bc DH weighs seriously next to nothing. Like Jack sprat and his wife. But what you have to remember is your husband really loves you for you and is still attracted to you, the whole package. You're a sexy, capable woman and mother and he knows that. He only wants your happiness and if losing weight makes you happy then that's all there is to it. You gotta start slow and be kind to yourself.

Dieting isn't easy when nursing bc it's a fine line to manage to keep your milk nutritious for Payson. You're kinda playing the waiting game as far as dieting goes bc you want to wait until she's eating solids before you mess with your caloric intake. For now I've just been logging in MFP and adding 500 cals a day to make sure I keep Emmaline thriving. That puts me at about 1900 a day and I'm maintaining my pre-pg weigh or around 5 lbs more than that but not ever going below. It'd be cool to go below that but I know that at least I'm not gaining and for now I'm good with that.

If you're ready for some exercising then the movement will be great for your mood (endorphins I think they call it). And just concentrate on getting some of that in when you can and you'll know you're going forward and not backwards. Even 20 mins is something. I KNOW you're having an adjustment bc I'm in the same boat with four kids and being a SAHM. But as long as we stay positive and move forward while trying not to stress and beat ourselves up, I think we can do it!

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