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August 23rd, 2013, 06:50 AM
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You are all going to think I'm super super gross and nasty but i swear to GOD this works....

oh man, I feel bad even typing it out.

If you have an infant who has oral thrush this is an old remedy but it only works with breastfeed infants. Use breastfed infant urine from cloth diaper or paper towel (just not the moisture absorbing gel diapers) and rub it on the infants tongue and around the mouth. I know it sounds disgusting but breastfed infant urine contains ammonia which kills off the bacteria.

I watched my grandmother do it to my cousins and it was darn near instant clearing up.

I didn't have the balls to do it to Lilah, so we just used some stuff the doctor prescribed and rubbed it around in her mouth for a few days and it cleared up.

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