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August 23rd, 2013, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by ReaganorDean View Post
Aaron- I'm so glad Zayden is doing well. I've heard that children learning two languages can take longer to speak, but once they do, they normally excel in both languages. Do you feel that Zayden had caught on to sign language faster? The latest I've heard is that it's easier for children to learn to sign.
It varies each child how they will pick up if they are in bilingual/bi-cultural environment. I think it really helped that Zayden was around my family when we flew to visit twice this year. I know some deaf couples had their kids do fine without early intervention. It just depends. After the speech therapy started, he started signing so much and now he's copying every signs. I have to be careful. I already caught him sign stupid when he saw me sign stupid while I was talking to an adult. Wow he's full of sponge. LOL

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