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August 23rd, 2013, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Grlsshp9 View Post
I would have had to been induced anyways because my cervix isn't favorable, so regardless, it would have been this coming up week or next week, I just took sooner rather than later!
I know I don't post here anymore, but since this used to my DDC, I still lurk here, checking on all of you! Anyway, I am by no means judging you. I was induced twice (once at 40 1/2 weeks because she just want not ready at all and then once at 38 weeks and I was already 4cm dilated at the time - a week before that I was at 2cm.) and I personally had no problems either time.

I am just curious by your above statement, saying that you would be induced regardless. Can I just ask, why that is? Will your Dr. not let you go past your due date? Once again, I am honestly not judging you either way. I am just curious as to what you meant by that, that is all