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August 23rd, 2013, 04:19 PM
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The pic you showed of where you live reminds me of one of my favorite places we camped this summer Repti, love it! Good luck with the crazies around you.

I am back from camping with highschool bff. Her dh is often either not there at all or just for a night. He was there for most of it, which totally interferred with our girl bonding and chatting. I can only stand him in doses anyways, he has some strong opinions of what a good Christian woman should be and I don't quite measure up. But that goes both ways, I don't quite agree on the male superiority he believes in. I am totally fine with submitting to a man providing he loves me as Christ loves the church. And I'm also fine with serving my husband, but because I want to not because I HAVE to. It was still a good time, but not fantastic like usual.

It's cloudy now, and so we were sortof in the mood for getting our school supplies together, so that's all taken care of now.
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