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August 23rd, 2013, 07:31 PM
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  • Sign ups end on August 31st.
  • Teams announced September 3rd
  • Game Runs from September 9-23rd
  • Team Places will be announced on the 13th (for the 9-11th) on or about the 17th (for the 12-15th) and on or about the 20th for the (16-19th) After the 20th, no scores will be announced.
  • Winner will be announced on or about the 27th.

To sign up please fill out this:
Frequency you get on JM

Everyone is going to be assigned a team. Teams will be 3-5 people depending on sign ups. Each team can pick their own name. I will try to assign teams based on frequency you get on JM so that each team will be evenly matched.

Example: Person A gets on 5 days a week
Person B gets on once a week
Person C gets on every day
Person D gets one 1-2 times a week.

I would probably team up person A and D on one team, and person B and C on the other. This way you can participate without having to get on more often if you do get on more often though we won't be complaining

Once teams are assigned, I will post and each team can pick a name or color, or whatever to represent them. To make this easier I ask that each team member put in their siggie somewhere where it can be seen **Team Tigers** (or whatever your team name is) It will make it easier to keep score. This needs to be done before September 9th.

Score goes as follows.
5 points for every new post to the board your team makes.
1 point for every reply your team makes to any post. (exception: official games)

Fine Print: Only posts started during the game play will count. Posts made in stickies and subforums will not count. Picture Girl and Mommy Hot Seat Posts will not count either. About 1-2 days after a post is made, I will go in and type "Closed for points." You can still post but it just won't count toward anything. This is the only way for us to keep an accurate score count. To get points awarded the post/reply must have something of substance in it. You won't get a point for just a posting a or a one worded answer. You need to actually say something. (exception: games)

There will be an official game each day and the team the posts the most in the game will get 20 bonus points for the game. (If appropriate one worded answers are fine for games such as This or That)

Although you can still play the games, I will Post a CLOSED post to each game right before I post the new game for the day. (So each game will be open for about 24 hours)

I will be requesting a Blinkie for the team with the most points.

I am going to say this once. This is completely for fun and is not to be taken seriously. Sarah and I are taking a lot of time to "score" this, we may be a little inaccurate, but as long as we are both close to the same scores we are going to take them. If two teams are really close in scores, we may go back and double check if an inconsistency comes up. However Sarah and I have the final say in this matter. If someone would like to volunteer to help keep track of points, Please PM me.

If you have any questions... Feel free to post them here. This will be stickied.

Thank you *Kiliki* for once again doing such amazing work on a siggie
I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth me. (Phil 4:13)

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