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August 23rd, 2013, 10:03 PM
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Hello everyone

I came off the pill (pop) about 4 weeks ago, I'm one of the lucky ones and have had no problems when I've come off it previously.
Me and my OH are having sex at least every 2 days, not TTC but just having fun

This week I've had a few issues, my boobs are HUGE, I mean I have big busoms but they are ridiculous and so heavy! My nipples are dark and are so much bigger I'm having to take my nipple bars out. My veins are luminous green and the bumps on my areola are very pronounced, usually they never show.
I've had headaches, back pain, been an emotional mess, from crying for nothing to going nuts at people unnecessarily.
I've been peeing about once every 1 to 2 hours minimum.

About 3 days ago I had a funny feeling in my tummy, like there was a corkscrew being turned, it wasn't painful, just strange and uncomfortable. A few hours later I had some sharp cramps in my pelvis and when I went to the toilet 3 drops of brown blood in my pants but nothing when I wiped, and nothing since. (TMI sorry )

I assumed and still do, that it's the pill, only considering pregnancy when my sister said earlier.

At the moment I'm great apart from some twinges in my left ovary region. Nothing too sore, I'm just aware of it

I was just wondering whether this was all the pill or could be pregnancy?


Sorry for the long post!

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