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August 24th, 2013, 01:52 AM
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I got to this point as well with Wyatt where all he would eat is fruit (which i have to regulate because it gives him the runs), crackers, fruit snacks and cheese. He just refused to eat and I thought I should just encourage all I can of something else and then fill him up with what he would eat so he would at least eat SOMETHING.

Finally I got so fed up with it I told him he could sit and eat his food or just go sit in time out. Suddenly my son was eating everything on his plate. I do have to encourage/motivate him and sometimes even feed him the stuff he wasn't as interested in at first. I don't force him to eat anything and only make him take one bite of something he doesn't like. Its been over a month now and we've gone from a kid who never sat at the table and barely ate and wasted tons of food to a kid who eats the table with us eating the same food. He's gained weight and grown a ton.

During meal times I also turn off all distractions, like the TV and toys have to be put away and can't be brought out until dinner time is over.

Mostly I just communicate with him. "This is the meal we are eating and if you want to do something fun after, or have a dessert, then you have to eat it". And I hold to my word.

It's gotten to be so much more enjoyable!
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