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August 24th, 2013, 09:33 AM
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Met Dan at work, June 2002, I was 29 and he was 39.
Started dating November 2002, my lease ran out that month so I moved in with him in December.
Started ttc#1, the end of January 2003 while on a trip to bury his grandmas ashes.
Got engaged, we already talked about being spouses but the actual wedding planning and date wasn't discussed til moving from MD to AZ. Stopped at a gas station/restaurant when he asked if I wanted to set the date and planning details once moved in.
Got pregnant July 2003 during a trip to visit a friend.
Had #1 in March 2004
Started ttc #2 in September 2004.
Moved to las Vegas to be a bit closer to family.
Got pregnant with #2 in end of August/beginning of September 2005. Found out on Dan's birthday(end of September).
Had #2 in June 2006.
Planned on ttc #3(and final) in the early fall of 2007 but got bfp two days after Mothers Day 2007 instead.
Had #3 in January 2008.
Dan lost job and we both went hunting in late 2009.
Spring 2010, had to give up rental home cuz couldn't afford it meanwhile about a week earlier got letter that led to Dan's cancer diagnosis.
September 2010 lived in an extended stay hotel while waiting on an apartment(got help through an organization) and Dan started chemo.
November 2010, got apartment still in Vegas.
End of September 2011, moved to Utah to be closer to family and friends. In an apartment.
November 2012- I turned 40. September 2012-Dan turned 50.

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