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August 24th, 2013, 11:07 AM
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This pregnancy was rough. Between being told my baby had IUGR and then suddenly she didn't, well... all the drama made me never want to get pregnant again because my heart cannot handle that stress again.

So the days leading up to my induction were long and full of "I think I'm in labor" ... when in fact I was not. I had a ton of episodes of consistent BH contractions but none of them were painful except for one night about 4 days before I was induced. That night I was up from 10-6am in constant pain, but it turned out NOTHING had happened. When I arrived for my induction on 8/7/13, it appeared that my cervix worked in reverse. Somehow I was dilated to a 2 and 80% effaced on the Friday before, and on that Wednesday I was a "tight 2, and maybe 50%". Not sure how that works, but whatever.

I got there at 7am after literally less than 2 hours of sleep because I was up all night freaking out about it. They got everything hooked up, checked me, and started the Pitocin at about 7:30. It took forever for things to get going, but my contractions were frequent just not really painful at all. After about 4 hours they checked me and there was a slight change, only up to 3.5cm and maybe 60%. At this point they actually stopped the Pit because baby wasn't handling it well. Her heart rate was dropping with each contraction and my blood pressure was dipping lower and lower. I was put on oxygen and laid there for a good hour before they started things again. The next try was pretty intense. It seemed like as soon as they started the Pitocin back up I was in pain and the contractions were coming TOO frequently. Again baby's HR was a little concerning so they decided to keep me on the oxygen and have me lay on my side and she stabilized a little bit. They then broke my water, inserted an IUPC and left me alone for a bit.

I got checked again after countless start-and-stops and being told that baby is in a strange position, etc... I was only at 5cm. By this point I'm completely exhausted and in a ton of pain so I got the epidural which worked for about an hour. I took that time to catch a few Z's before things got crazy again. I woke up in horrible pain but trucked through it because I was for one reason or another stuck at 5cm and not progressing. About 3 hours later as I'm super sick to my stomach I decided I needed redosed. The epi was completely gone for hours already and I couldn't do it anymore. They checked me again after giving me another dose and I'm STILL at a 5. I never got complete relief from this dose of the epidural, and it didn't even last 45 minutes before I could move my legs again and feel absolutely everything.

The rest all happened so fast in my head but not really fast in real life. My doctor came down I think about 6:45 and was telling me that although I was still not even at a 6 yet, he still thinks I "have a pretty good chance of having a vaginal delivery, we just need to give it a little bit longer and if nothing happens then it looks like we are stuck with a section." Gee... Thanks... By this point I'm in tears and sick to my stomach and just feel completely incapable of doing this and I told the nurse she needs to get me something for pain or another epi dose and she informs me that I'm at a 7 and they won't give me any more because it won't work. So, basically she informed me that I need to be prepared to do this without any more pain relief. I was PISSED.

So I'm crying and freaking out and telling them they need to just take me for a c-section when they check me and I'm at an 8, then minutes later they're calling for the doctor and telling me I need to practice pushing. Doctor arrives, I push for 45 minutes before she's "RIGHT THERE" and then I just quite literally can't do it anymore. 20 more mins of pushing...

End of the day, baby girl made her debut at 9:32pm weighing in at 5lb 14oz and 19" long with a vacuum assisted delivery. Needless to say she had a massive cone head but was absolutely beautiful.

We didn't have her named until they were literally shoving us out the door Friday evening.

The best part (all sarcasm included) was that after all was said and done, I was informed that my placenta was "pretty much just done doing its job, hence the oxygen issues during delivery" and that the reason I wasn't dilating was because of scar tissue from having a LEEP back in 2011. I'm thankful they didn't tell me about the placenta problem while I was in labor because I may have freaked out but I AM slightly pissed and concerned that they let a condition just go because her growth caught up about 35 weeks but there was obviously still a problem. All in all, I consider my delivery "natural" regardless of the epi earlier on and I don't know why it didn't work like it should have but I'm glad it's over. To put it frank, it was a terrible experience with a beautiful outcome.

Cautiously expecting our 1st!

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