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August 24th, 2013, 11:48 AM
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I got nothin on cloth diapers but I'll share with you what my husband said to me when I wanted gender specific stuff for my boy,
Gender specific main accessories make no sense realistically because what if the next baby is the other gender? Are you going to want to spend all that money on the other color next time? It's nice to think all the kids had their own stuff but it's not the carseat or pack and play you'll remember.

I'm really glad he brought me back from the gotta have the right color mindset because last time was a boy and this time is a girl who will be carried around in the same green/brown monkey stuff little man was. Just having that stuff from him saves us so much time and money this pregnancy.

You'll figure out what's best for you guys, just give it a little time. Buying stuff is a huge deal and pretty stressful so take it easy and see if your hubby can comfort your fears a bit. *hugs*
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