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August 24th, 2013, 01:37 PM
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we were not in the begining but have been for a while now. to be honest im really not a big fan of cosleeping especilly now that im pregnant.

it was a godsend between months 4 and 8ish because one day he just absolutlly refused to go in the pack n play whouldnt lay on the bed by himself absolutly nothing but me by his side worked. we tried for like 2 weeks to get him back on routine like " good parents" but eventually each night we had to sleep so he ended up in bed with me daddy. we just agreed at one point that it was better just to let him sleep then go through this every night.

but lately Connor wants to be on top of me all night nurseing & its starting to take its toll. the biggest issue is somehow hes taken offense to actually sidelaying. If I try to lay on my side and nurse him he kicks me in the stomach till he goes to sleep. I used to put a body pillow between his lower body and mine and just let him wear himself out. but hes figured out how to move it out of the way now. which yes he does simply so he can continue to kick me. so Im basicly on my back all night with 22 lbs of baby literally across my chest. if he does happen to actually let go of my nipple some time during the night he rolls over onto my stomach which makes me have to pee and since i have to get up to do that he wakes up screaming bloody murder and it all starts agin.

weve tried readjusting him to another sleeping arrangement agin now that hes a little older but its not happening Im lucky just to get an hr or two where he actually rolls of off me. im trying to slowly force it a little bit more at a time becuse i know in 3 or 4 months ill be physicaly incapable of letting him do this. but he is a tiny bit stubborn...... as in hes a ragging typhoon of fury lol.

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