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August 24th, 2013, 05:56 PM
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Ooooh that does not sound like fun anticipation Mine started about 5.5 weeks, which I felt was a tad early, but it was off and on through last weekend and then hit MUCH harder this week, at 6 weeks so that's typical. Im thankful I tend to be done around 12-14 weeks! I always know I'm getting better when I can go in the grocery store and look at the meat aisle and not want to throw up but instead think of recipes I want to make!
i'm also finding my stomach is much more sensitive, like I think I've had mild food borne illness or something, both monday and thursday I was throwing up and feeling WAY worse than any other days, also with dhiarrhea and cramps, I couldn't figure out if that was 'normal' nausea or if I ate something off? I had a couple suspects of things I ate, but they wouldn't have made me sick when not prego so..? After a while both times it cleared up to mild nausea and food aversions again. Anyone else find this?
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