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August 25th, 2013, 07:37 AM
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We took the kids home yesterday, it was kind of a long drive, not looking forward to do that 4 times a month, we did get to see where the kids live though, I didn't go inside but the outside looked kind of well, "trashy" broken furniture piled up on the front porch garbage cans laying in the yard... DH said the inside was really messy (but I can't hold that against her, my house isn't cover a magazine clean, thanks to being a parent lol)
I'm hoping she'll agree to meet him halfway, because it's like almost a 2 hr drive one way and if we do that on friday and then again sundays, two weekends in a row every month that's a lot of driving and gas..
she did wave at me when DH came out of the house though.
DH said she acted annoyed that Audrey and I came with him, but I wanted to spend time talking with DH on the ride.

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