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August 25th, 2013, 09:09 AM
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Please vote for those you think deserve the title of Gifted Gem - someone whose spiritual, intellectual/mental, intuitive, or creative gifts you really admire.

I have discluded ladies who won an additional award in Round 4 in the interests of fairness - there were one or two ties, too.

I am making the final round polls multiple choice so you can vote for as many ladies as you think deserve this award.

I am making the time to vote slightly shorter so you have until Wednesday, so I can announce winners and post the blinkies before I go back to work and forget!

Anyone can vote, friends from other boards, lurkers, and members NOT in the poll as well as members IN the poll.


As always, I'll be going to second place if needed to get 4 unique winners across the final round.

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