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August 25th, 2013, 10:08 AM
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OK so to round off our summer of love, we said we would have a virtual love-in (party)!

Basically on this board, because we are so international and so inter-time zones, this is usually a thread that's open for pretty much 24 hrs and people come together as and when they can throughout that 24 hours to chat.

This time we said we would also come up with little set lists to post to share some of our favourite music and make it almost like a summer festival.

It would also be nice if some people who can do readings / card draws or other simple divinations / healings or anything like that - even if you're just practising and it's just for fun - would pick out a few love-in attendees to do that for as well.

I thought some form of game might be nice as well and am open to suggestions, my idea was to have a list of 50 key words related to summer fun and spirituality, and the first person to SAY 25 of those words would get a "bingo" and win a prize! So people could chat randomly, but try and squeeze in as many summer words as possible. I would make them progressively harder to get with some really obscure.

The only issue with that idea is that I would probably have to work out the winner AFTER the fact as I may not be able to keep up with each post as it comes. So I am open to suggestions.

Edited to add: Or perhaps the bingo list could have song titles of summer songs and/or songs by the featured bands. That way they would be easier for me to spot.

It pretty much needs to be a weekend day now or a Friday at least so I can stay up late that night and be around more, but on a Friday I would only be able to be here from mid to late afternoon as I will be working mornings from Sept 2nd.

I am going to poll all the dates in September I could possibly do, please vote for all the dates that would be ok for you, and I am hoping we get a majority!! I am also going to throw in Thursday of this week - I know that would be short notice, but honestly this doesn't need too much organisation. I can't do Saturday 14th as it's the closest Saturday to Shaun's birthday and if we go out for that it will be then, and I can't do Sunday 22nd as it's my mum's birthday and we might go out for dinner or something like that.

I can't say what times of day I will mostly be around until I know what day it is - it depends on whether it falls on a working day (Fridays), whether it falls on a day where I have a lie-in or a day when I get an evening off and Shaun looks after Michaela.

(Members are not expected to be present for the full 24hrs, even just an hour when you can manage is fine, just whenever you can be here in that period to join in really. Even I obviously won't be present for the full 24hrs though I will try to do as much of it as possible!!)

The poll will therefore close on Wednesday along with the member award polls.

If you have any extra ideas for the love-in please share!

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