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August 25th, 2013, 04:07 PM
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So yesterday I made hamburgers. I went a head and cooked off all the hamburger meat so we could eat the left over patties today. Today, when I grabbed my hamburger bun out of the packaging the bottom of it felt hard, so I turned it over and it was covered in green mold!!! I ate a hamburger bun yesterday and feel totally grossed out because there HAD to be some mold on it.... I looked at the expiration date on the package, since they have only been sitting on our counter top for about 3-4 days. Sure enough they were a week expired. Ugh, so freakin nasty!!

So now I'm like OMG, I hope I didn't poison the baby by eating moldy bread.... I need to be more careful and check the dates before I buy stuff

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