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August 25th, 2013, 04:14 PM
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I try not to fight with Rebecca about eating, I don't want to create an unhealthy habit of forcing her to eat or fighting with her about food. She would just drink milk all day if I let her, so we have to limit her on that too. If she eats, great, if not, I know she's not going to starve herself. She loves French fries , crackers, and anything sweet of course, so I just save those for treats and don't offer them to her very often at all. Either she eats what I put in front of her, or she goes hungry, which of course if she's hungry she'll eat, but a lot of meals she will skip, but again she's healthy so I'm not worried. Rebecca won't eat meat or veggies, so I just try to give her other healthy options. Eventually I'm sure she'll come around. I do wish she was open to trying new foods though.

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