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August 25th, 2013, 09:16 PM
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I LOVE this age (please note the serious sarcasm in my typing). There are so many good things about 2. The things they say now is hilarious. They're growing so much, and I like that they can tell me what they want, etc. However, most of the time I just get screamed at. Silas is a handful. he takes fits about every.bloody.thing. His fits aren't just fits, they are meltdowns. Nothing I try to do to calm him down works, and usually just pisses him off more. Ayla is fairly good, but she has been super clingy and whiny the last little while. Like I can't get anything done without her attached to my leg or asking me to pick her up.

Silas is a good kid, and it has been getting better the last few days, but I have had a hard time with him the last few months.

Sleep.....the elusive sleep. That has been super fun too. My kids do not sleep. For the last month they have gone to bed...okayish. However, they wake up at 12, and then stay up freaking out until 3, and then are up again at 6. It has been very hard, and I was almost ready to check into the mental hospital for a 3 day vacation and all the drugs I want at my disposal, but they seemed to have calmed down. I think they don't want naps anymore. *knock on wood" but last night they both slept through, and tonight they haven't gotten up (yet), and yesterday and today they didn't nap. They do nap at daycare though.
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