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August 25th, 2013, 10:31 PM
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So Bm is apparently all fine now. Back to normal. She started school again last week, so once again she is too busy to be a mom.

She texted Eric on Tuesday that they both had food poisoning from pizza hut and O was staying home. No big deal. So tonight, Eric was asking him how long he was sick for and he said just that day. And Eric said did you eat anything that day or were you too sick to eat? And O said, well we ordered Pizza Hut. So Eric said no after the pizza hut I mean. And O said no you dont understand, we got sick from pizza hut and stayed home from school and ordered more pizza hut. We ordered pizza hut 4 times last week.

And they spent the whole weekend at her ex boyfriends house. And O said he doesnt like it there because the ex bf makes him do chores all the time. So that he will leave him and his mom alone.

We got there at 5:58 tonight, rang the doorbell, and for roughly 4 minutes we heard them yelling at each other. (O and his mom.) He was giving her the BIGGEST attitude. Like, " Mooooooom! I KNOWWW!!! I JUST TOLD YOU!!!" Like legit yelling. So finally after 10 minutes of waiting, they open the door. I give her the spoon that came home in his lunch box last week that I forgot to give back to her and a tee shirt from walmart. Last week I washed the plain blue tee shirt he wore over our house, it looked new. Well he had chapstick in his pocket so it now has big dark circles all over it. So I replaced it. She said she wasn't worried about it but appreciated the gesture. He was also wearing the ruined tee shirt when we picked him up. So then she said they couldnt find his phone. Now he hasnt texted us back since Wednesday, which was the one and only text we got from him because DH finally told her on Tuesday to please hook his phone up to the wi fi so he can use it. So we got one text, on one day, and that was it.

Turns out, he brought it into his room with him one night and got caught so she took it away. And it was missing. She blamed him, yelling at him that she put it on top of the fridge and didnt move it and he needs to stop lying and tell her where he put it. He again yelled at her that he didnt touch it. They checked her car and we finally left without it. O asked us if we were mad at him and we said of course not, because we believe him that he didnt touch it. 7pm rolls around and she texts Eric, "I must have put it in my room when I took it away, I just found it. Please have him call me." She then proceeds to tell him that it was an accident and nobodys fault and that he is not in trouble. Doesnt apologize to him at all. So Dh says, did your mom apologize for calling you a liar? And he said "No she didnt."

I am just so tired of her just doing whatever it is she wants to do and thinking it's okay.

Is any of this something we can justify going back to court for? Absolutely not. But it so irritating that if she texts him, she expects an immediate text back, but doesn't give us that same courtesy. Sometimes I just wish she would step it up a notch.

Not to mention that her apt was once again nasty. There were spills all over the floor, and pizza hut boxes just piled on top of the garbage can. I just don't get how someone can live like that.
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