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August 26th, 2013, 01:52 AM
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I'm doing good, in the larger picture kinda way. I feel some energy returning to me, I'm sure Gia STTN is a big reason for that. The only thing I am in a funk about is my body image...its in the toilet right now. I still have uterus pooch going on, on top of my belly jelly...and I feel like my abdomen has shifted somehow (if that makes any sense) and it makes me feel like Quasimodo. All I want are my yoga pants & tank tops but then I feel slovenly for dressing that way. I can not wait to get my body back!

Giana is doing excellent. She just turned 2mos and it seems things are falling into step. Her gas issues have eased up, her pooping is more regular, the process of weaning to formula went better than I anticipated, she's STTN, and overall is a happy, content, smiley baby. She totally has her diva moments too, but we work it out

I miss DH like crazy...he went back to Maui a month ago. We miss sex!!! Go figure, my dang PP bleeding stopped the day DH left! Sucks!! We have some financial issues going on at the moment. Sometimes I wonder how we will ever get through this mess. Basically, and even after insurance pays out, we're looking at paying almost entirely out of pocket for Gia's delievery - a csection and costs associated. I feel like we are so F'd. We are a team, madly love each other, and our committment strong, but he is freaking the F out and I'm left to keep us calm and collected with a "we'll figure it out" mentality. But the truth is I'm freaking out just as bad. I have no idea what we are going to do.

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