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August 26th, 2013, 08:04 AM
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because she had it in her head I guess that he would "hang out" awhile..

We told her she still needed to get like 4 things from their school supply list, things I couldn't find but the list said you can get them at the local radio shack, she texted DH saying why did we even bother getting them stuff if we weren't going to get it all...
like really? we bought 3 brand new outfits for them each, bought backpacks, bought EVERYTHING but the items I couldn't find, spent quite a bit of money and she can't even appreciate that we didn't even ask her to go in half?
She was also mad that DH didn't buy them a 3rd pair of new shoes and that we didn't send all the clothes they had here back with them.. he told her "well I bought them two pairs of nice shoes, you lost kayley's nikes at the lake and Ethans basketball shoes got torn up by your dogs, so no I'm not spending more money on nice shoes when they'll get torn up and the kids need clothes here, we bought them school clothes but they're keeping everything we buy them at our house for their visits."

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