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August 26th, 2013, 08:12 AM
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I'm currently pregnant AND taking meds and not the least bit guilty or shameful about it!

Stress and depression are very bad for you and your baby. If you NEED the meds you NEED the meds. ESPECIALLY if you are a self harmer.
Talk with your dr, they know more than us. In general, the anti depressants are trimester dependant on the category they fall in, mostly being discouraged in the third trimester.

They should talk with you about other options too, like talk therapy and counseling, etc. Many times a combination works best.

Originally Posted by pattyandthemoos View Post
I have taken medication during one of my pregnancies and I will never do it again. My blood sugars were very high during that pregnancy (there was a lawsuit later against this drug for causing diabetes), the other drug I took has been linked to autism and my son was premature, had failure to thrive, developmental delays, vision problems, and he is autistic. This may not have been due to my meds but I have had so much guilt about it that I just won't do it again.

I take medication now but I'm not pregnant, ttc, nursing, or anything that concerns me.
Wow. I honestly can't believe we finally got a mod for this board where women need love and support and encouragment and it's one that doesn't seem to be giving it, unless you choose her same choices.

For one thing - autism has no known cause, besides the ones that are inherited. They think a zillion things 'raise the risk'. I have a son on the spectrum. I took no drugs whatsoever, or did anything that could have caused it. I also have none in my family. It just happens. We don't understand it all yet. Hopefully someday we will.

The other things sound like complications from your gestational diabetes and premature birth. Which is very sad, and I'm really sorry you've had to deal with it, but this is not the place to discourage depression treatment. If you choose not to medicate yourself, that's good for you, that's your choice, but to actively shame others that might choose that very thing is really crappy coming from a mod. Some of us actually truly need the meds to function. We can't do anything else. And to suggest they are giving their children autism is super harsh.

This makes me really sad. I'd hate to see the board some of us need turn into an anti-meds board. It's not the best choice for everyone, and sometimes it's downright harmful.
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