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August 26th, 2013, 10:01 AM
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Sorry in advance, this will be long! LOL

OK. My baby shower was on Saturday and yesterday I went on a shopping spree. I went to fill out all the things we will need in the first 4 or so months. There's still a few things we need for later, but we also have Christmas coming and his aunts and grandparents will spoil him

Anyway, just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

for Nursing:
Rocker, boppy, boppy covers, breast pads (one box disposable, some gel soothies, and 12 bamboo reusable), medela wipes and microwave sterilizer bags, nipple cream, 120 freezer storage bags and 3 types of bottles to try. Also I have a few nursing tops, nightgowns, and two nursing sleep bras. Waiting to buy any other nursing sleep wear until after baby is here and I know my size! Pump will be covered by insurance, but needs to be ordered after he's here. Two types of pacifiers just in case.

For diapers:

Cloth diapering so 36 changes newborn and 36 changes one size, 42 cloth wipes, snappis, diaper safe rash cream and detergent, diaper pail, two pail liners, to small wet bags, wipe solution, bag up disposable wipes, cloth diaper safe detergent, two changing pad covers, etc. Skip Hop Studio diaper bag and skip hop changing station.


NB and 0-3 like 20 sleepers, 5-6 cute outfits, 20 or so onesies, 10 pants, 6 hats, 4 pairs of scratch mittens, lots of socks, 6 night gowns

3-6 months- maybe 10 sleepers 8 cute outfits, 10 onesies. Need some more of this, but I think my sis is working on this. lol.

Snow suit

Two hand knit sweaters


8 receiving blankets, 2 muslin swaddlers, 2 swaddle mes, two soft crib blankets and 1 homemade crocheted blanket, 2 sleep sacks (1 sm 1 med).

Burp cloths/wash cloths/towels:

12 wash cloths, 3 hooded towels, 6 burp cloths (but we have 36 prefold diapers as well). And I think like 8-10 bibs.

First aid/grooming/etc:

Brush, comb, clippers, file, medicine dropper, thermometer, nasal aspirator, lotion, shampoo/body wash, infant tylenol, gas drops, saline spray


Crib, mattress, 3 pairs of sheets. Don't have mattress pad, or bumper yet but he won't be in the crib right away, so not stressed.

Pack n Play with bassinet insert, two pairs of sheets.

Rock n' Play- don't have in possession yet, but one of my aunts is buying it this week. I figure we will set either this or the pack n play up next to the bed, depending on which he likes best!

Car seat:

Graco Click Connect 35, window cling sun shades, and a brica car seat mirror

Other gear:

Graco Stroller (works with car seat)
Fisher Price Swing n Seat
Chicco High Chair (the one that connects to table)
Beco Gemini Carrier
Moby Wrap
Baby food maker
Misc toys and some board books
Play mat (also not in my possession yet, hand me down from a friend)

I think that's everything. It seems like SO much stuff, and we were even trying to be minimal! LOL. Am I missing anything that we will need? I'm getting everything washed tonight and also picking up odds and ends I need for hospital bag. I want to have everything put away and organized by end of this week and have our hospital bags packed by tomorrow...

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