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August 26th, 2013, 01:02 PM
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Hi All
Just gotta write this somehwere.
Inlaws have a beach house in maine that my wife has been going to her whole life.
For the most part her parents are great people and they are super great with our daughter. Now they have their quirks but who doesn't. My wife has been steadily getting ever more aggravated with those quirks. The 2 biggest right now is FIl hatred of our dog mean while he views his dog as perfect. Neither dog or any dog for that matter is perfect.
And MIL has beening making snippy comments directed at my wife for a while now.
LAst night some cousins were over and MIL made dinner while everyone else cleared and my wife did the didshes. MIL sniped that Wife didn't clean the sink trap.

Wife was due to spend this week there and she packed up today and came home.
Mean while In laws made a veiled threat that they would close the house up and be leaving in 2 weeks and wouldn't return for daughters birthday thanksgiving and possibly xmas.

Wife said her mother called her the bad child today saying she was rude and un thankful. Now my wife is obviously miserable due to the nausea and exhaustion she is feeling and MIL is taking it as an insult to her.

Form the outside non of these issues are really that big but they are driving this family apart an I don't want to see the same thing happen to them that happened to my family.

Plus i love going to that beach house

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