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August 26th, 2013, 02:02 PM
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Everyone sounded like they had an awesome weekend!

Friday night BF and I went shopping and had fast food for dinner (which we haven't done in AGES). It was so dissapointing though!

Saturday I had to help set up for my friend's Jack and Jill shower. I'm a BM in the wedding and offered to help out setting up since we're trying to save money and couldn't buy the engraved cocktail napkins and such for the party. The party was a success though! Afterward, bf and I went home, got changed and brought over our dog to meet his old roommate's dog. They got to play in the yard, and it pooped my poor dog out!

Sunday, our neighbor (who has become BF's new friend) came over and BF and the neighbor played Xbox for 6 hours. I ran some errands and bought a Halloween costume for my dog. Later on I Skyped with my parents (they're in Utah right now, heading back east to NY), had dinner and watched Big Brother.

Can't wait for the next two weekends, this weekend is a three day weekend and the weekend after for me is a four day weekend!!!!
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