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August 26th, 2013, 03:42 PM
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Jamison is in bed with me all night, Josiah sneaks in around 5am when DH leaves for work. Honestly, even though the co-sleeping with Jamison while he is waking to nurse is easier, I'm ready for those days when both boys are in their own room together. This whole burning the wick at both ends thing is wearing on me. Jamison goes to bed fairly late, and then Josiah is up super early. I don't sleep once Josiah crawls into bed with me. AND, Jamison thinks it's playtime anytime DH tries to sleep in bed with me, which is getting old. But yes, I LOVE co-sleeping with Jamison. If it weren't for all the other factors, I'm sure I'd do it far longer than we will probably end up doing it.
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