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August 26th, 2013, 04:27 PM
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You are one prepared mama!! I think you have more gear than I do and I have 5 kids already! LOL

A couple thoughts:

- Am I remembering right that the Rock N Play sleeper has been recalled? Maybe check on that and make sure.

- Not *essential* but I love my Bundle Me covers for the infant car seat. They have a Bundle Me Lite (lighter material for when it's not freezing yet), and a regular Bundle Me that is fleece. The awesome thing, IMO, is that it can be zipped up to go outside and unzipped in the car so baby doesn't roast, and it doesn't fall off when you're carrying around the seat. Otherwise, it's amazing how many times you will be picking baby blankets off the ground and parking lots because they just slide, baby wiggles, kicks them off, etc. Also, on a safety note, I prefer the Bundle Me to puffy jackets or snow suits because 1) babies who are dressed for winter weather can get dangerously overheated when in the car with the heat on, 2) puffy jackets or snowsuits can make the car seat straps not fit like they're supposed to because there's so much material stuffed under them. If you do use a blanket you can put it under the Bundle Me so it won't fall off and just have baby wear a warm hat and you're golden. Just a thought.

- I don't know how big your stroller is, but I have one sturdy one that the carseat can attach to, and I also like to have one tiny umbrella stroller. The umbrella stroller isn't useful until the baby can sit up well anyway, though, so not like you'd need it asap. But I personally think it's nice to have one because they are so small and portable and sometimes I don't see the need to use the bigger stroller.

I think you are MORE than prepared, though! You just need a baby to go with all that stuff! hehe
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