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August 26th, 2013, 04:48 PM
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I feel like a stranger around here! I'd love to be around more, but we still don't have internet at home and my non smart phone makes it hard to get online.

Everything is going pretty well at the moment. The last time I posted, we were in a really bad spot. I felt like I was drowning and one bad thing after another was happening. DH lost his job about 2 months ago but recently started a new job. He is working 3rd shift now so it's definitely an adjustment but we are SO happy to be getting a paycheck again. I am super nervous about bringing a newborn home and being alone all night, but we will survive. I am still laid off (Since I told my employer I was pregnant back in February) but at least I am getting Unemployment and can through the 1st weeks postpartum. It was a really difficult couple of months but the light at the end of the tunnel is finally shining! Phew

As far as the pregnancy, everything is pretty good. I failed the 1 hr glucose test but passed the 3 hour. My doctor put me on iron pills because my levels were pretty low. Braxton hicks are the most annoying of my issues right now. I feel like my belly is super hard all day. I also breathe like I just walked up 19 flights of steps but I will deal lol. It's getting difficult to keep up with our 3yo too. We had to pull him out of daycare because we couldn't afford it (and it made more sense since I am home) and he definitely keeps me busy. Other than kidney stones in July, I haven't had any major complications.

I hope to get internet at home again within the next week or so and rejoin you all. I miss reading and keeping up with everyone!! I hope you are all doing well. I can't believe we are so close!! I will be back, promise.

My 1st and most recent picture together at 33 weeks!

Comparison picture of my 1st pregnancy and 2 days ago at the river!
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