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August 26th, 2013, 05:00 PM
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I posted this earlier in the "Trying to Conceive Older Members" board. Was wondering if anyone here might have had experience with this?

Originally Posted by ToMuchElmo View Post
I'm almost 37. My mother went into perimenopause at 40. Took a test last week to assure myself that I was not pg. There really was almost no chance, DH and I did the whole 'pull & pray' thing, which has never been an issue and I didn't O until around 5 days after the last time we DTD (a whopping 2x last month).

I've been having symptoms the last 5/6 months of hitting perimenopause...cycle is short, long heavy AF, fatigue & weight gain despite exercising. Perimenopause I have read can cause false positives...anyone had an experience with this?

Did I mention the test was positive? Sorry
Thanks for any input.
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