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August 26th, 2013, 06:33 PM
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Ultrasound went well...the dr was super nice...he said baby was measuring right on track and everything looks great. the dr did have the fetal cardiologist do an echo because.they found that his cord only has one vein and one artery rather thanthree total vein/arteries....he said it wasn't a huge deal but sometimes heart anomalies can accompany that. but theecho was perfectly perfect! They are going to have my doc se me more often and keep a close eye on little mans growth and make sure he continues to grow as he every two to 3 weeks for a bit with scans each visit then i will go once a week alot sooner than i would have before just to keep a check on him and my was a great visit and he is perfect !!!!!! oh and i do have an anterior placenta, which is why i am not feeling quite as much
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