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August 27th, 2013, 02:55 AM
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We do it becUse it is the best milk for our babies. It also increases our physical bonding. With that being said, know you are not alone in considering going to formula full time. I do a minimum of 1 formula bottle daily (so my husband can have a close bonding time and so he sleeps longer lol). If I notices his breast feeding session was not well, I will give Tiago 2oz. Tiago liks to play. Some days he will be screaming to eat but he rfuses to latch...or only latches for 5-10 minutes and still cries when he pulls away. But regardless of his days, when he wakes at night, he nurses fully. I so often think of going to 100% formula, but the pediatrician wants me to try to breastfeed him until he is 6 months. When I return to work in a few weeks I am going to have him on formula when I am not around and breastfeeding when I am.
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