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August 27th, 2013, 07:51 AM
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Originally Posted by MidgeMadge View Post
I drink nearly a gallon, too (anywhere from 115-135 ounces) and I only wake once I used to wake 3-4 times until I got used to it. Never 7, though. What time do you cut yourself off? I go to bed at 10:30 and cut myself off at 7:30. If I drink past then, I will get up a LOT through the night. I need 3 hours to pee it all out before bed. You might need the same.
Tonight was better. I tried to get my water in several hours before I went to bed and that helped. I only woke up once.

I have problems with frequent urination to begin with. When I was in high school I saw a urologist because of how frequently I go to the bathroom and they dilated (inserted metal rods to stretch things out) my urethra. My urethra is too small which makes it hard for me to empty my bladder and so I go more often. I probably should have the dilation procedure done again but it was one of the most painful things I ever experienced so I never went back.

Anyway, it's getting better but I'm still peeing like every 15 minutes during the day. I am hoping once I get used to it it won't be so bad.

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