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August 27th, 2013, 07:55 AM
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I know I have ovulated because of symptoms. But I'm confused on which day. I have ovulated in the past anywhere from CD 13-15. This cycle I got multiple positive OPK's on CD14, but with a higher temp. If I take away the positive OPK, FF gives me dotted crosshairs on CD 12. My temps would be inline for that, but I just don't think I O'd that early with all my signs. Should I leave it that way, or should I stick my OPK back in there and then see what happens? I don't think I O'd CD 15, I'm pretty sure it was CD 14, especially with all the negative OPK's I had yesterday. And I know I already O'd, my boobs are starting to get sore and that only happens after I have O'd.

I really appreciate any input! I don't want to stress about it but I also don't like being so confused! This is the first cycle I have questioned my O date.

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